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 Director of Advocacy

Angel is the Director of Advocacy and holds a Ph.D. in Special Education administration and leadership. She is also a highly decorated Air Force veteran who served her country faithfully and dutifully during her time service.


Her military experience coupled with her experience as a certified general education and inclusion special education teacher has helped her understand the special education process from the inside. She knows how the school system operates, what the protocols are, what avenues to take, the laws governing special education, what accommodations are appropriate and how to employ those accommodations on an IEP/504.

She has a passionate desire to do what's right for the parents and students who need her expertise. She prefers to work in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation in any meeting however, she won't back down or be intimidated. Angel gets results.



Senior Advocate

Patti is a dynamic, resourceful special education professional with a Master’s Degree from The Ohio State University and 20 plus years’ experience working in the Special Education field. Patti brings a multitude of expertise and knowledge as certified educator and is an advocate who believes that everyone can learn and grow to their potential and fulfill their purpose in life.  


Patti excels at working collaboratively during school meetings addressing parents’ concerns for their children.  Patti is skilled in pinpointing student strengths and challenges and helping adapt an individual education plan to meet the needs of students’ diverse learning styles. 


Patti and her husband moved to Ponte Vedra Beach from Dublin, Ohio in 2015 and they are enjoying the coastal lifestyle.



Lee has been an advocate for students with special needs for 43 years.  After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Massachusetts, she moved to Florida and began her teaching career at the Broach School.  She continued as a special education teacher for Nassau County Schools.  In 2003, she received her Masters of Education from University of North Florida and became a school counselor.  It was in this role that she became an advocate for ESE children, attending IEP/504 meetings, and serving as a mediator for the parents.


She became interested in teaching special education when their son was diagnosed with a learning disability.  She saw his struggles and wanted to be on the helping side of teaching those with special needs.  She believes that it is of utmost importance that children receive the help and accommodations needed so that they will be successful in school and in life.



Director of Operations/CEO

Michael is the Director of Operations and CEO of Cornerstone Special Education Alliance. His is usually the first voice you'll hear when calling Cornerstone.  Michael is "hands on" responsible for the day to day details, intake process, scheduling, and administrative duties. His years of leadership experience throughout many fields, have taught him how to relate to people, utilize their strengths to build teams and move the mission forward.

As a father of children with learning disabilities, he understands completely to how parents feel. Michael's compassion and willingness to listen to the concerns parents have, has often encouraged and comforted many families. 

Our Board Members

Board Members                                                                                                                                                          Advisory Board Members                                      

Dr. Beverly Brown, Three Rivers Legal Services                                                                                                        Bill Lowery

Nuria Munguia, T.D. Bank                                                                                                                                         Gina Gant

Jeff Prossi, VP of Trade Marketing Swisher International                                                                                         Kevin Monahan   

Marie Lowery, Professor Florida State College Jacksonville

Janie Timones, Social Security Office                                                                                                                        Volunteers                  

Larry Tallis, Tallis Photography                                                                                                                                  Kaylin McMillian

Stephen Gant, Student Chaplain Trinity Baptist College

Dr. Angel S Wildes

Michael Wildes