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We are your personal IEP expert.

We relieve your frustration and anxiety by representing you in school meetings.

You will gain the peace of mind that your child is getting what they deserve. 


  • Phone interview and intake paperwork.The first step is telling your story. We begin the process with a simple phone interview to learn about your situation.

  • Letter writing We format and write the letters for you so all you have to do is deliver them.

  • Educational Analysis from cumulative file You must provide a copy of this file. A comprehensive analysis is done of the cumulative files to find trends. (Depending on file 2-8 hours)

  • Phone calls, texts, emails, communications During the entire process, there are always questions or concerns that come up. Emails will get priority responses.

  • Educational Analysis review/One on One consultation This is when we learn about your child from your point of view, talk about your goals and begin to develop a plan. (90-120 minutes)

  • Pre IEP/504 meeting preparation This is the time to go over the draft copy of the IEP document before the actual IEP meeting if it is available.  (60-90 minutes) A phone consult is available.

  • Meeting attendance Yes we attend those school meetings with you. We are with you to guide you and advocate for you and your student. Please be aware, these meetings can be anywhere 1-4 hours in length. We won't let the school rush the process!

  • Classroom Observation Observation of the student in the classroom for no less than 1 hour of class time as needed.

  • Program Placement Site Visit If a new setting is required for student, advocate will tour new setting with parents for evaluation of placement setting.

  • State Complaint/ OCR letter writing. In the event that issues cannot be resolved at the school or district level, we will assist you in filing an official complaint to the Florida Department of Education or Office of Civil Rights to help resolve the issue.

You're going to celebrate the success of your student's accomplishments. 


You're going to know that you are a great parent and doing the absolute best for your child.

"My son was a sophomore in high school who had struggled all his life. It didn't look like he was going to graduate on time, if at all.


The school never addressed any of his real issues and didn't do an evaluation for him to even have a chance at success. 


But then I called Cornerstone. It took some time to get everything right but my son finally got an IEP and he did graduate on time with his class!


He felt so confident in himself that he went out and got a job so he can pay his way through community college!" 


Cheryl L.


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