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The advocacy process consists of three different phases with a few simple steps.

First Phase

  1.  Start with a phone call to tell us your story.

  2.  Sign and secure the partnership agreement with your commitment.

  3.  Begin gathering and organizing your student's documents for review

Second Phase

  1. Make appointment for one-on-one consultation to review your student's file.

  2. Define goals and objectives for your child short and long term.

  3. Begin to formulate an individualized plan specifically for your child

Third Phase

  1. Set up a meeting date with the school team to discuss child's needs.

  2. Attend meeting with an advocate by your side as your expert guide.

  3. Implement and execute the goals and objectives you developed on the IEP document.

Your personal IEP expert will guide you through:

  • Taking away the emotions

  • Leveling the playing field

  • Understanding the lingo

  • Understanding the testing

  • Getting to know the IEP or 504 document

  • Setting appropriate goals

  • Knowing if the district is holding back

  • Knowing what to do when you just can't agree on things

  • Having the peace of mind your child is getting what they need

The IEP or 504 Plan you agree to will be the cornerstone of your child's educational foundation for the rest of their school years.

"As they say, 'you don't know what you don't know.' Angel's expertise and coaching has allowed my wife and I to fully understand the IEP process for the first time. With her help, and in conjunction with the school's ESE team, we have developed a meaningful education plan for our son that meets his needs like never before."


Walt M.


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