A dad's perspective

Hey dad, yeah you, the one who is being forced by your kid's mom to read this.

So your kid has been diagnosed with a disability.

So what.

Does that make you love them less? Are they not the very same kid you cherished and would do anything for BEFORE they got a diagnosis?

Do you feel ashamed or that somehow this is your fault?

Do you feel helpless, like you couldn't protect them from it?

Yeah me too. I felt that way.

But I got over it.

Because once I accepted it, I actually felt relief. I wasn't a bad dad.

Then I realized it wasn't about me at all.

It was about my kid and my family.

It was about my kid and HIS future and the future of HIS family. It was about what is HE going to be like when HE becomes a man, a father.

For you it might be a daugher. Same things apply. Nothing is different.

Let's be frank and honsest here. Man to man. No touchy feely stuff, just straight foward talk.