I was wrong

I will be the first one to admit that when I found out my child had learning disabilities, I thought it was poo-poo. I figured what the kid needed was just good ol' fashioned discipline. You know, take him behind the woodshed and give him what for. That will straighten out his attitude and behaviour.

No wonder it never seemed to work.

I used to say to him, "put your thinking cap on", "focus on what you're doing", "dude, what were you thinking?", "stop your daydreaming", "pay attention to whats going on" "do what you're told", "I told you already what I want you to do" "listen this time" "can't you follow instructions" and on and on it went.

No wonder it never seemed to work.

I watched his grades and conduct in school degrade shortly after kindergarten. I thought surely he will outgrow it.

Its just a phase.

Boys will be boys.

Then the temper tantrums, the screaming and being angry for no apparent reason.

The pinging off the walls when he was bored.

The hyper-focus of a tv show or obsession of internet games like Minecraft and Roblox.

Then came the doctors appointments, the evaluations, the testing, the other doctors appointments, the other evaluations, more te