The Dr.'s view: An Advocate of Students with Disabilities

Yesterday, I had an amazing opportunity to hear Dr. Temple Grandin speak at Florida State College at Jacksonville.

My husband called me and suggested I go to hear Dr. Grandin speak and felt I would enjoy it. Although, I had seen Dr. Grandin’s story on Netflix, this event was at night, and would surely have a large crowd of people to boot.

I am not a night person. And I hate large crowds of people, but for the sake of appeasing my husband I went to the event. When I arrived, just as I suspected, there were lots of anxious people hurrying to see Dr. Grandin. I was placed in a holding area to wait and see if there was any room.

I thought to myself, “Why am I here instead of in my sweat pants at home?” I almost turned around and walked out until they said we could go into the theater.

While we waited, a young woman raved about how Dr. Grandin inspired her. This young woman is a person with autism who was provided opportunities because of her self-determination and the support around her.

She was accepted into the University of Florida’s Veterinary Medicine. I knew about how hard it was to be accepted into veterinary medicine and the limited amount of schools that offer it in the U.S. How amazing!

When Dr. Grandin began speaking I was entranced by her no-nonsense approach. She spoke about thinking in pictures and bottom to top thinking. It was like we were on the same wave link concerning students with disabilities.