Dr. Angel Wildes shares why she chose to become an education advocate

We started representing parents through advocacy in school meetings in 2015 as a parent liaison for a local school district. At that time it was just Michael and Dr. Wildes working out of an office in their home.


It wasn't long before word got our to parents that there was someone on their side, who knew the struggles first hand but had the knowledge and expertise to represent them and their student.


As the demand for their services grew so did the need for office space. In 2016 they moved their operation out of their home to a 423 sq. ft. office space in the Arlington area of Jacksonville.

Word spread further via social media, the website, and mostly word of mouth of moms talking to moms. The demand for services became overwhelming. In September of 2018, Patti Rossi joined the team as an advocate. As a former special education teacher, her prior expertise and background was a perfect fit. 

They have outgrown their current office space once again and are looking forward to moving a few doors down into a larger 650 sq. ft. office space to help keep up with the demand.

Their combined years of experience as educators and administrators and the passion for doing the right thing has brought over 418 families in 174 different schools in 5 different counties over 5000 hours of advocacy and the confidence and peace of mind that their students are finally getting what they deserve. 

They truly are the IEP experts you've been looking for!